Asal Community Centre was opened with the aim to create opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the hopes of them becoming financially independent. We provide a safe and creative environment for young people to help them develop employability skills.

Help us give a bright and prosperous future to those in need.


Our Mission

is to create a supportive environment for young people where they can thrive, unlock their potential and develop employability skills. Our social development projects will enable young people to develop unique hands-on experiences and entrepreneurship skills.

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Our Vision

Origin aims to create opportunities for disadvantaged young people to access and participate skills development programmes to develop their employability, create their own initiatives to became financially independent and positively contribute to the society. ASAL-ORIGIN- provides informal education for the young people in Somalia through expert tailored trainings and creative learning to empower them through preservation of their culture, heritage and arts.

About Us

How Asal is Changing the Story

With your support, this is how we changed the story in 2018.
people who received Non Formal Education
people gained access to Multimedia Training
people accessed training, in tailoring
youth accessed training to Electric Plumbing and Painting.

Our Commitment

Asal Origin will continue to encourage and demonstrate the change needed now for tomorrow by upholding our promise to our youth, as well as working with the wider community.

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Our Methodology

We have adopted “share it with me” (SIWM) methodology to encourage young people to learn from each other’s experiences, personal stories, struggles and motivations as well as learning from other subject matter experts.

Our Aims & objectives

Asal Origin will aim at deepening understanding of benefits and opportunities that the youth can reap at home (Somalia) and towards continuously creating a harmonious and safe environment for the youth.

We let Our Work speak for itself

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